[Colorado-talk] Update on Ray McGeorge

Melissa Green graduate56 at juno.com
Tue May 11 20:19:47 UTC 2010

Thank you for the update.
Will continue to pray for Ray and dianne.

Melissa Green
No person has the right to rain on your dreams.
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Greetings Friends:

I just returned from Rose Hospital here in Denver where I was able  to visit 
with Diane McGeorge and also able to see Ray very briefly.  He is still in 
the ICU and on the respirator but he has been very stable today.  Yesterday 
afternoon after I had last written, Ray hit a rough patch where many of his 
vital signs went out of wack including his temperature which exceeded 105 
for a couple of hours.  They instituted all kinds of treatment yesterday and 
brought everything under control in the night.

Today, he has been showing definite signs of improvement in that he fusses 
when they try to move him around too much and he has been gripping Diane's 
hand and not wanting to let it go.  He is still very heavily sedated but 
they are going to reduce those medicines slowly through the day with the 
hope that they will be able to revive him fully tomorrow.  There is great 
hope that he has passed through the worst of the infection and has rounded 
the corner.

Diane expressed great grattitude for everyone's thoughts and prayers.  She 
wants all of us to keep them coming.  From what the doctors have told Diane, 
it is now the beginning of the time period when they expect the antibiotics 
to start taking full effect and pushing back the infection.  I am very 
confident and hopeful  that Ray will fight through this, but we need to keep 
sending our prayers and positive thoughts Ray and Diane's way.  I will 
update the lists further when I know more.  Please feel free to circulate 
this broadly so that all of the McGeorge's friends know what is going on.
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