[Colorado-talk] Cabs fifty-fifty raffle.

Melissa Green graduate56 at juno.com
Fri Oct 22 03:31:52 UTC 2010

 The Colorado Association of Blind Students, (CABS), is holding a
 raffle!  The proceeds from this Raffle will be used to support OUR
 Program, which allows CABS members to mentor blind students in the state
Of Colorado, and at the state school for the blind.  We are selling 1 ticket
For $2, and 3 tickets for $5.  The drawing will be held at the Colorado
> Convention on October 30, 2010.
> We offer two convenient ways to purchase tickets.
    * You may purchase tickets through PayPal at the following address: 
Colorado.students at gmail.com

 You can send a check or money order to the following address:

 Cabs fifty-fifty Raffle
 Attn: Melissa Green
 2315 9th ave., Apt. 3306
 Greeley, CO  80631

 Checks and money orders should be made payable to: 
Colorado Association of Blind Students.

If you purchase tickets with a check or money order, please drop me an
Email with your name and phone number to let me know that you have sent
money to
purchase tickets.  This information will be placed on your individual
You will receive an e-mail  or Phone call,  to notify you whin your check or
money order is received,  and if you win the drawing.
 Please send your name and phone number to:
 colorado.students at gmail.com, and place
the words "raffle tickets" in the subject line.
Thank you for your support of The Colorado Association of Blind Students,
(CABS), and our  mentoring Program.
 Melissa Green
CABS First-vice President

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