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Saturday, October 1st:  White Cane Flash Mob

TVI, Trina Boyd-Pratt, invites all parents and kids with canes to join with
her students for a video taping of a white cane flash mob.  The flash mob
will take place in conjunction with the Foundation for Fighting Blindness 5k
walk in City Park.  Trina says, “We will be meeting at Denver City Park,
around 11 am at the Martin Luther King Statue located just north of 17th Ave
on Esplanade Street.  We will practice some of the moves before video taping
since we will not be able to meet as a whole group beforehand.  We will be
using the song "More" from Usher. We hope to have it edited and will put it
out on Youtube for White Cane Day, October 15th. I look forward to seeing a
bunch of white canes there.”


Help Seedlings Braille Books for Children Win Grant:

Seedlings Braille Books for Children really needs your help this week. They
are currently in the top 5 in an online charity challenge. The top 3
charities will win grants for up to $25,000, which Seedlings could use to
make thousands of braille books for children! You can vote once a day
through September 30th (you can vote at home AND at work!) And you can help
even more by passing this along to friends, coworkers, and other listservs
to which you belong. Thank you so much for your help and support!

Here's the link:


Then click on "vote" and follow the directions. Thank you!

   Best wishes,
   Debra Bonde, Director
   Seedlings Braille Books for Children
   734-427-8552 fax

"Placing a book in a child's hands is like planting a seed ..."

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