[Colorado-talk] [Cabs] meeting reschedule announcement

Arielle Silverman arielle71 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 8 21:49:26 UTC 2012

If we do it in October I was thinking we could have it a couple weeks
before state convention, like October 13.

On 4/8/12, Amelia Dickerson <ameliadickerson at gmail.com> wrote:
> I am not sure that there is a good overlap between CABS and Big Buff
> Little Buff. The BBLB kids are elementary in age, and I am not sure if
> anyone has ideas about a meaningful way to connect with these kids
> from a CABS perspective. On the other hand, the BBLB event isn't
> really planned yet either. As I think of blind students on campus at
> CU, the ones to whom out-reach would be good are non-traditional and
> are in the process of losing vision, so they are fairly high vision.
> What would be meaningful and useful to these students? They have a
> family and a life, so it is going to need to be pretty compelling to
> get them to come. Otherwise, if we are mostly going to end up
> attracting those of us who are already involved, what can we make our
> purpose so it will be meaningful to everyone?  Okay, those are more
> questions, which is not necessarily what you were looking for, but I
> think they are important as we decide what to do. I am also going to
> copy Jessica Beecham in on this email, because I think it is exactly
> the sort of issue she wants to be involved with.
> Amelia
> On 4/8/12, Arielle Silverman <arielle71 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi CABS board and other interested students:
>> If we are not meeting by phone until the 15th, we need to make a
>> decision about the Boulder seminar by email before then. I have
>> communicated with Disability Services on our campus and based on
>> availability of the on-campus space, it looks like we have three
>> options:
>> (1) Saturday, April 21 from noon-4:00 p.m.;
>> (2) Saturday, October 28 from 11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.; or
>> (3) postpone until October 2012 and then hold a Boulder seminar just
>> before the CO state convention, which will be in Boulder this year,
>> and encourage students at our seminar to come to the convention.
>> I know there is a Boulder NFB chapter meeting on April 28; however I
>> have also been informed that the Big Buff/Little Buff group is having
>> an event on the 21st. I discussed with Esha the possibility of having
>> Big Buff/Little Buff incorporated into our seminar in some way.
>> However I am also open to the option of postponing until October.
>> Thoughts from the board and president would be appreciated before I
>> get back to Disability Services with a final decision.
>> Best,
>> Arielle
>> On 4/8/12, Maryann Migliorelli <maryannmigs at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Hello students and other interested parties,
>>> President Antonion Rozier has asked me to inform you that we will be
>>> rescheduling tonight's conference call to next Sunday at the same time
>>> and
>>> call-in number due to the holidays.  He also asked me to pass on his
>>> wishes
>>> for a happy Easter or Passover.
>>> If you have any questions concerning this announcement, please contact
>>> President Rozier at 478-998-2420 or by e-mail at arozier at cocenter.org
>>> Thank you for your attention.
>>> Happy holidays,
>>> Maryann Migliorelli
>>> Vice-President, Colorado Association of Blind Students
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