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Jessica Beecham jbeecham at cocenter.org
Wed Oct 17 16:17:25 UTC 2012

Hello NFB Celebrities


I hope everyone is gearing up for the NFB Oscars on Friday October 25th in
Boulder, CO where you will be sure to receive the red carpet treatment!
Come dressed as your favorite celebrity, movie character, or book character
for your chance to win fabulous prizes!  The evening will be filled with
great food, fun, and entertainment!  


The NFB Oscar party will begin with a walk down the red carpet where our MC
Mr. Tom Hobbs will let everyone know which celebrity has arrived and will
describe costumes!  We may even hear some celebrity impersonations so if you
are not interested in dressing up, come prepared to act like your favorite
celebrity, movie character, or book character.  There will be secret judges
who will choose winners for select categories and guests will also have the
opportunity to vote for the "people's choice award".  


Award Categories are as follows:    


"Best dressed male" the man who looks most like the star he says he is

"Best dressed female" the woman who looks most like the celebrity she says
she is

"Mr. Personality" the man who does the best imitation of who he is

"Ms. Personality" the woman who does the best imitation of who she is

"Stellar Cast" the couple or group most like the cast they proclaim to be

"Amusing entertainer" the most humorous impersonation

"cutest star" the most adorable child celebrity

"Best dressed young celebrity" the child who most resembles the celebrity or
character being portrayed

"People's choice" most highly acclaimed celebrity as decided by the
convention at large


Note: The children's contest is open to kids twelve and under.


If Maryann knows of your character or celerity I advance you will receive
extra special red carpet treatment!  You can e-mail her to let her know
which celebrity or character you are planning to be to enjoy special
notoriety and acclaim!  Send e-mails to maryannmigs at gmail.com before
convention begins!


Best Wishes




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