[Colorado-talk] April RTD Changes, and Light Rail West Line

Nehemiah Hall nrh at n-republic.net
Sat Apr 27 16:41:46 UTC 2013

Tomorrow, (April 28th), as always happens around this time of year, RTD 
will be making changes to routs and schedules. Most of the changes this 
time are because of the new light rail line, the West Line, that was 
just opened yesterday. In addition to the opening of the line itself, there
will be 3 new Call-n-Rides: the Belmar Call-n-Ride, Golden Call-n-Ride, 
and Green Mountain Call-n-Ride. Also, there will be several minor 
changes to bus routes to integrate them with the new light rail stations
The only other somewhat major change is the modification of the route 
for the airport AF bus.
All changes can be found at the following link:
Another link people may find useful:
This is the schedule for the new W line.

Hope people find this useful.


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