[Colorado-talk] 2015 Legislative Day at the Capitol

James Beal bealcorgi at aol.com
Tue Dec 30 18:30:44 UTC 2014

Thanks for the info, Dan and have a great holiday. When you return to 
the office, however, I need your help with a matter related to this.

Despite discussions regarding the time and place of the initial 
meeting, could you please use what influence you have with Scott or 
other members of the board to try to start the initial meetings later 
in the day? I am sure I sound like a grouch when I bring this up, but 
for those of us in the outlying areas it makes it practically 
impossible for us to asist NFBCO with this project. For instance, if I 
come up from Colorado Springs, i would need to leave town at 6:30 am to 
arrive on time. Most of the time we don't get to speak with legislators 
anyway and leave our materials and express our concerns to their aides. 
For us to otherwise participate would neccesitate some of us staying in 
a motel overnight. Right now the state affiliate couldn't afford to do 

what I am proposing is that by moving the time back an hour or two we 
aren't really losing anything as far as legislative contacts and more 
of us can make it in. The old Supreme Court chambers is filled with the 
smaller group, and, as you know, numbers mean everything to people 
whose jobs rely on voter participation to keep them in office.

If the meetings were scheduled an hour or two later, more members could 
participate and, more than likely, we would outgrow the Supreme Court 
chamber. Less than one block away is the downtown branch of the Denver 
Public Library. Their meeting rooms are free, available, and can house 
up to 300 people easily. Depending upon what the board determined to be 
the legislative agenda, there may be another advantage to this. If 
education-related items are on tap, we can use this central point to 
highlight what we would like to see passed when talking to the media 
and to legislators. Please pass this along to Scott. Also, I would like 
to hear from other subscribers to the list about what they think about 
my idea. Thanks again.

James Beal
bealcorgi at aol.com

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Holiday Greetings Fellow Federationists!

Before we get too far into our holiday cheer, please mark your
calendars for the 2015 Legislative Day of the NFB of Colorado to be
held at the Capitol.

Date:	TuesdayWJanuary 20, 2015
		(We're scheduled a bit earlier this year, and the date is coming up 

Location:	Old Supreme Court Chamber, 3rd Floor Capitol
		(Where we've held our meetings before.)

Time:	8:00 a.m. Sharp
		(Scott reminds us we need to get an early start to track down all of
our legislators.)

We'll send out reminders and more as the date approaches, but wanted
to get this on everyone's mind and calendars right away.

Have the best of holidays everyone!


Dan Burke
My Cell:  406.546.8546
Twitter:  @DallDonal

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