[Colorado-talk] message from Scott LaBarre regarding Annual State Day at the Capitol and State Board Meeting on 2/28

Lisa Bonderson lbonderson at cocenter.org
Wed Feb 19 22:15:45 UTC 2014

Greetings everyone, we will be holding our Annual State Day at the Capitol
on Friday, February 28th.  It will start at 8:00 am in the Old Supreme Court
Chambers which is on the Second Floor of the Capitol.  We will conduct a
legislative breakfast for members of the General Assembly immediately
outside the Chambers.  This year, we intend upon circulating the legislative
memorandum in advance of the State Day through emails lists and our website.
We will once again get introduced on the Floor of the House of
Representatives.  Afterwards, we will go over the issues and break up into
eight groups to go around the Capitol building and visit our legislators.


After the State Day at the Capitol, we will conduct a State Board Meeting.
We anticipate that the legislative work will wrap up between noon and 1:00
pm.  We will then convene at board meeting at 2:30 pm at the Colorado Center
for the Blind.  If you are going to attend both events, make sure to grab
some lunch on your own.  Randal Crosby, one of our members, is now operating
the food facility in the basement of the Capitol and is doing an excellent
job and serving good food.  We will have travel experts on hand that can
tell you how to get from the Capitol to our CCB which essentially involves
connecting with a lightrail to the Downtown Littleton station.  We have a
great deal of work to address in the Board Meeting and I anticipate it
running into the early evening.  Therefore, we will serve dinner, menu not
yet settled.  If you are attending the Board Meeting and wish a dinner, you
must RSVP with Lisa, lbonderson at labarrelaw.com or 303 504-5979, by end of
business Monday, February 24th.  We will request a $10 donation for all
those wishing to eat dinner.  


We look forward to seeing everyone next week.  Please let Lisa know whether
you are attending the Day at the Capitol, the Board Meeting, or both.  We
want to know who will be coming to the Capitol so that we can steer you to
your representatives and place you in the proper group.


Warm wishes,




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