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thought many would be interested.
See the below message.
Have a blessed day.
Melissa R Green and PJ
Some people come into your life just to teach you how to let go.

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FYI... opportunity for visually impaired runners to participate in the 
Cherry Creek Sneak in April.

*** Please note that I work a part time schedule on Tuesdays, Wednesday 
mornings and Thursdays only.

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Sorry if you are receiving this email twice. It's just too good not to 

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Subject: Cheery Creek Sneak 2014 - April 27th

Hi Everyone!

SAVE THE DATE! Sunday, April 27, 2014 , DENVER'S FAVORITE RUN / WALK. 
Schedule it.  Ink it.  Send it to the cloud.  Mark whatever kind of calendar 
you have for the 2014 Sneak.

This year, I am hoping to reach the goal of 60 visually impaired 
participants! Remember guides run for free. Lending Sight is now training 
with Achilles International - Colorado in Denver's Washington Park on 
Monday's 6PM. We have added Tuesday's training in Lafayette, JAX Outdoor 
Sports Good on Tuesday's 6PM with Sportstainability, and will be adding 
Boulder location on Wednesday's 6PM beginning April 2, 2014.

New to this year, you will be registering online with discount codes at 
www.cherrycreeksneak.com. These codes will be sent in a message early next 
week to those who would like to participate. You will be registering under 
our Team Lending Sight and Achilles International - Colorado. Packet pickup 
will be at the New Boulder Running Company Store in the Cherry Creek 
Shopping Center. You and your guides will be packing up your packets from 
this location.

This will be the NEW meeting place on race day at 7:00AM. The store is 
opening for our group ONLY! We will have a 5 minute hard start and will walk 
as a group to start.

In order to increase participation, I would like to use mini vans with 
volunteer drivers for pockets of people who live near each other. 
FiftyTwo4Mom has been generous to offer $750.00 in donation to cover the 
costs of van rentals.

Please forward to other visually impaired runners and walkers.

Send me a quick reply if you plan to participate and I will email you the 
discount code.


Deb Conley

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