[Colorado-talk] DVR Letter to Stakeholders Regarding Waiting List

Dan Burke burke.dall at gmail.com
Wed Feb 26 21:41:23 UTC 2014

This was mailed out yesterday to DVR's stakeholders list, and asks
that it be forwarded to all concerned.


February 25, 2014 Dear Colleague:
As you are aware, the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) has
been operating under an Order of Selection wait list since the spring
of 2013. This means that since April 22, 2013, all individuals seeking
vocational rehabilitation services from DVR have gone through the
eligibility process, had the severity level of their disability
determined and have been placed onto a wait list. This list has grown
to more than 6100 people and we have been eager to determine when we
might be able to begin serving our clients.
I am pleased to share with you that yesterday, February 24, 2014, DVR
was able to remove five hundred individuals (500) from the most
significant category of the wait list. Throughout this week, DVR staff
in field offices around the state will begin contacting individuals
released from the wait list by phone, traditional mail and e-mail to
begin the process of employment goal identification and planning for
service provision. These individuals will be given specific details
about how and which counselor to contact and will be given three
separate opportunities to respond and re-engage in the rehabilitation
process. We anticipate many of these individuals will be eager to
begin receiving services and pursuing their career goals.
It is important to note that DVR will continue to maintain a full wait
list and individuals will be added to the three severity categories of
that list as they apply for DVR services and are found eligible. We
hope and expect to take additional individuals off the wait list as
resources are available, and we will notify you again when that
occurs. Thank you for your continued support of DVR and the Coloradans
with disabilities served by our agency.

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