[Colorado-talk] June 16 Denver Post app now inaccessible

Yolanda ylt999 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 19 23:04:55 UTC 2014

I know the Denver post is available via Newsline, but prior to the June 
16, their iPhone mobile app was fully functional. Accessibility is 
completely broken now.

I am writing in hopes that others will contact the Denver Post, and ask 
them to include accessibility in their app.

You can go to the developer's website from doing a search in apps for 
Denver Post, opening that screen, and farther down the page is a link to 
the developer's website.  Once their you will find a pop-up button that 
is labeled news tips, but once selected, will show mobile app.  Once 
mobile app is chosen select done, and fill in the edit boxes with name 
and a message requesting their app be made accessible.

If you would prefer to call, the switchboard number is:

Denver Post Switchboard:

Thank you,

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