[Colorado-talk] Yankee candle fund raiser.

melissa R green graduate56 at juno.com
Sun Nov 9 19:51:26 UTC 2014

The members of the colorado association of guide dog users would appreciate
your support.

Giving the Gift of Warmth & Smells:

A fund raiser supporting the Colorado Association of Guide Dog Users


It is almost that time of year when the smells of turkey, ham, mashed
potatoes and green bean casserole along with candied yams and baked yeast
rolls fill the air in many of our friends and families homes. Oh! And let's
not forget the smells from the pecan pies, sweet potatoes and other baked

The wonderful smells of winter are coming soon as well. The tantalizing
whiffs of crisp air, pine trees, cinnamon and wood smoke fill our senses.
All of these wonderful aromas make us feel great and fill us with robust
excitement for the approaching holidays; where families will come together
to sit down and share love, food, and ever lasting memories.

This fund raiser will support the Colorado Association of Guide Dog Users
(COAGDU) and will allow us to build up our treasury so that we can develop a
number of different types of literature that can be distributed to schools
and businesses.  Our goal is to educate the public about the five "(5) "Ws"
of our mission.  The five (5) "Ws" will explain the following: who we are,
what we do, why we do it, where we are going, and when we expect to get
there.  The funds will also allow us to send board members to other guide
dog related events around the state and country to start other divisions
such as this one, and also assist our national guide dog division with
furthering the work that will give our many guide dog and service dog teams
the freedom that they deserve.


How the fund raiser will work:

*     Go to the Yankee Candle web site 

o     Use the group number which is (990073097) 

o     Press tab or click on the next box that is indicated by the sellers ID

o     Click on the start shopping button to start looking for candles or any
of their many good smelling items that they have to offer.  

*     When you make your purchase, COAGDU will receive a percentage of 40%
from the items that you have purchased. 

*     If there are guys reading this, don't think that candles are just for
the ladies because Yankee Candle does offer a line of candles and other
products that are made just for us too.  

*     If you are looking at the catalogue, please remember that orders need
to be in by November 19, 2014 and if ordering online then orders need to be
in at least by December 15 to insure a Christmas delivery date.

*     If you need a catalogue, please contact me at dspears at cocenter.org or
(303) 778-1130 Ext. 246 and leave me your contact information so that I can
get one out to you as soon as "dogly" possible. 

Note: The catalogue that you would be receiving is one that you can rub any
of the pages and it will give off a scent that you can smell so that you
will know about some of the products that Yankee Candle offers, and that you
may want to purchase.

Thank you for giving your support to the Colorado Association of Guide Dog
Users (COAGDU), and have yourself a sniffy holiday and a waggy new year.

Melissa R Green and Pj

if I've learned anything about friendship, it's to hang in, stay connected,
fight for them, and let them fight for you. Don't walk away, don't be
distracted, don't be too busy or tired, don't take them for granted. Friends
are part of the glue that holds life and faith together.


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