[Colorado-talk] Boulder Valley Chapter meeting

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Tue Oct 21 17:36:12 UTC 2014

Dear members and friends of the Boulder Valley Chapter of the National
Federation of the Blind of Colorado: 

You are invited to our October meeting. It will be held in our regular
meeting place. We will meet from 10:00 a.m. to 12 noon on Saturday, October
25th. We will actually get started about 10:15 to allow for those coming on
the bus. 

Our meeting place is in a prime location. It is in the First Presbyterian
Church of Boulder, at 1820 15th Street. This is just a block from the RTD's
Boulder Transit Center, which is at 14th and Walnut in downtown Boulder. 

This month we will meet in Room 250 in the education wing (Geneva Wing)
(Please see below for detailed directions.) This is a large church which
participates actively in the community, and which has many outside groups
meeting there. Please come directly to our meeting, and do not become
distracted by other activities such as those offering a meal. 

After the meeting, there will be the opportunity to enjoy any of the many
restaurants which are very close. 

Agenda items include: 

*	Plans for Boulder Valley chapter activities at our State Convention
in Denver Thursday, October 30th through Sunday, November 2nd. 
*	Reports on RTD matters such as Smart Cards. 
*	Plans for inviting prospective members to our meetings. 
*	NFB philosophy, including our 2014 NFB Library Cards. 
*	We plan to allow time for an exchange of information about how to
use some specialized devices for the blind. This month we will try to
include the I-bill paper money identifier, and how to use USB storage
devices in the Library of Congress players. This will probably become a
regular activity at Chapter Meetings, so bring your ideas about which
devices we should do next month, which devices you can teach about, and
which devices you want to know more about. 
*	Fund raising. 
*	Other recent NFB of Colorado news. 

Following are detailed directions from the Boulder Transit Center: 

The Transit Center is at the corner of 14th Street and Walnut Street. Go out
the west exit from the waiting room and north to the corner. Walk east along
the south side of Walnut to 15th Street, and cross 15th Street. On the far
side of 15th Street, turn south. There will be a grassy strip between the
sidewalk and the street. (You will cross some driveways.) 

On your left is a small parking lot. Then, after at least one driveway and
after some grass on your left, you will find a wide sidewalk going to your
left (east). Walk east about ten feet, then go down three steps, and proceed
straight ahead across the drive to the building entrance. There are other
entrances, but this is the entrance we are to use. 

Inside the building, walk straight ahead, then turn left into the hallway.
Soon on your right you will find stairs and then the elevator. Go up to
second floor. Room 250 is located between the stairs and the elevator. 

Following are alternate directions via Canyon Boulevard: 

Canyon runs along the south side of the Transit Center and another building.
Walk east on Canyon to 15th Street. Cross 15th and turn north. You will walk
beside the edge of a small fenced playground. Then you will walk along
beside a solid wall which has no entrances (but does have some large
indentations for windows). Cross a driveway and soon you will find the
sidewalk going east, with the steps, as described above. 

If you have questions or need further directions to this meeting location,
contact me at 303-499-9125 (home) or 720-284-2318 (cell), or
maryannmigs at gmail.com or Curtis and Doris Willoughby at 303-424-7373. 

We look forward to seeing you at a meeting full of valuable information and
planning for the coming year. 


Maryann Migliorelli, President

National Federation of the Blind 
Boulder Valley Chapter 

P.S., Remember that elections are next month, so this meeting would be a
good time to pay your dues for next year. 


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