[Colorado-talk] !How Your Chapter Can Swipe, Dip, Or Tap Smarter -- and No, I'm Not Talking About Canes

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Mon Nov 7 15:13:31 UTC 2016

Everett, thanks for sharing.  The affiliate has used Square for several
years now and it helps us sell raffle tickets among other things.  Thanks
for sharing and it is indeed a good solution because much of the world now
eschews carrying cash.


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Hello NFB Conventioneers,

I want to share a bit of a follow-up on something our chapter missed out on,
and share how your chapter can benefit and keep from missing out on the same
in the future, at every event you may ever hold or attend.

Some of you know I retired from my previous career as an AT trainer when I
moved to Colorado. I have been much more like a Luddite these past 4.5
years,  doing only what was necessary to grow the business Lisa and I
started not too long after I moved here. My point is that I have not kept up
on most technologies at all. I definitely have some catching up to do, as I
recently decided to get back into the training biz.

This message, though, is about helping your chapter to not lose out on sales
or donations like we just did.

While at the convention, our Colorado Springs chapter sold a decent amount
of NFB of Colorado Brailled T-shirts -- and we again thank every one of you
who bought one. If any of you still would like a T-shirt, any size you want
is only $20, and you simply need to contact Jeanette Fortin, our chapter
President. Okay, sales message over [smile].

But we missed out on a few sales, too. Due only to not being up on some of
the services available nowadays to anyone with a smart phone or tablet.

See, like me, apparently a few others don't often carry enough cash around
on them either. I use my card for almost everything these days. I know that
I should bring a decent amount of cash to conventions, even with ATMs in the
hotels. It's just more convenient when face-to-face with dozens of
fundraisers hawking their items at a convention, y'know? Well, coming at it
from the other side, being one of those hawkers, it simply didn't occur to
me to find a way for our chapter to accept card payments while at the hotel
and convention. it was definitely a, "duh,"moment for me.

A couple of sales we missed out on, the people actually asked if we used
"Square" to take payments. Well, no, we didn't. But we soon will.
And so can you. If you're not aware of just how easy it can be for your
chapter, below is a link to the page for details on Nonprofits using the
app, and I've included the basics below in case you didn't want to click
through right now.

Square for Nonprofits -- A Smartphone App for Easily Taking Payments

Over 10 million donations collected with Square.
Square is one service for your entire
organization, from collecting membership dues to free point-of-sale
software. Whether you’re hosting a fundraising event or seeking donations,
Square helps keep your team all buttoned up.
The free Square Register app turns a smartphone or tablet into your complete
point of sale. It takes care of payments, processing, analytics, and more,
so you can focus on your members and your mission.
●Swipe, dip, or tap payments even when you don’t have a signal.
●Print or email sales reports.
●Customize taxes and discounts.
●Get deposits in one to two business days.
Clear pricing, speedy deposits
Pay 2.75% per swipe, dip, or tap for Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and
American Express. Get donations and funds deposited into your bank account
in one to two business days.
Get extra Square Readers and enable staff and members to accept payments and
donations, and run special events when your group needs it most. Gain
real-time insights into event performance and fundraising right from your
Square Dashboard.
The free Square Reader works with the Square Register app to take payments
on a smartphone or tablet. So your organization can stay aligned anywhere.
Swipe, dip, or tap smarter
Square encrypts card information at the moment of swipe, dip, or tap and
never stores data on your device after a payment has been processed. Give
peace of mind and serious security to your donors and members.
Square’s Customer Engagement software can help increase your donations. It
automatically adds donors to a directory for you and sorts them into groups
(loyal, casual, lapsed). You can send email to those groups in minutes using
our beautiful templates. Then monitor the results of your campaign right in
your Square Dashboard.
Get real-time feedback from donors via digital receipts with Square
Feedback. Respond directly and, if needed, send promotions or discounts that
turn unhappy donors into advocates.
Use Square Analytics anytime to get an in-depth look at your organization.
Important financial reports about donations, deposits, and more are always
accurate and always available.
Linking your Square account to other trusted pieces of software you use for
accounting, analytics, or inventory is simple. And we’re always adding new

Go here for all the details on using, "Square:"

Strive On!

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