[Colorado-talk] Accessibility of McGraw-Hill online products

Zachary N. Griego-Dreicer zdreicer at gmail.com
Wed Sep 7 05:08:44 UTC 2016

 Good morning fellow  federationists
  I am in a general chemistry class this semester that requires online homework and exams through McGraw-Hill and I think the specific product is there connect plus. I am finding it impossible to answer the questions asked on the homework assignments so far, using a MacBook Pro 13 inch with the latest software and operating system OS X El Capitan. Has anyone on any operating system been able to use McGraw-Hill connect plus online interface to successfully complete homework and exams for class? As of that time I'm writing this, I am 100% reliant on a classmate to help me through these assignments, which is not in the least ideal. Except for the fact that it reinforces the material for him, I feel that I am not able to get as good an understanding of the material. If the product is not accessible, can someone in the list perhaps help me to communicate with McGraw-Hill about their software? Or is this strictly based on the instructor choosing questions?   

P.s. Thanks to those of you who answered my previous question about partying it up while in college, my host family took me to a party but it was not anything to do with my school. Maybe one day under the right circumstances I will go to a school party. 

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