[Colorado-talk] Sample Amazing Colorado Raffle Blast

Lisa Bonderson lbonderson at cocenter.org
Thu Sep 22 19:33:32 UTC 2016

Hello Everyone

I hope you are all well. I wanted to send out a quick note reminding everyone that I am happy to help folks send out raffle blasts to their email lists, text contacts, FaceBook friends, or to their followers on twitter. Please find below a sample email and some sample tweets or Facebook posts. Here are a couple of helpful hints:

1.  Have a snappy subject line: Amazing Cash Raffle - Support Blind Kids and Win Cash - Free Beer - or whatever floats your boat.
2.  Make sure to remind people to enter the chapter or division you are supporting so that your chapter/division gets credit.
3.  Remind people that the proceeds support our Braille Enrichment for Literacy and Learning Program (BELL) and NFBCO scholarships. You can link folks to our BELL program video or the Bell and Scholarship pages on our website so that people know what their money is supporting.
4.  Send out at least two blasts. People might mean to buy tickets but somehow miss the first one. Sending one out toward the end of September and one in Mid-October is a great way to make sure you really hit all of your contacts.
5.  Put it out there on social media often and share when you see other people posting or tweeting about it.
6.  Make sure to put a link that goes directly to the Amazing Colorado Raffle.
7.  When you put info out there on social media, email, text, or whatever you decide to do, ask other people to share, re-tweet, and spread the word.
8.  Follow up with friends and family in subsequent conversations on a more personal note to make sure they have purchased their tickets. This is a good way to sell some paper tickets as well. Maybe folks have seen your blast but did not have a chance to go on the website just yet. If you have a ticket book in hand you will be all ready to sell.
9.  Help your friends send out their blasts. If all of us who are able to send out a raffle blast in one form or another could help one or two other folks do it, we would reach a big audience. Ask your fellow chapter members if they have sent out their blasts. Get together over coffee or lunch and just send a b
bunch of blasts out. It can be lots of fun.
10. REALLY IMPORTANT: If you use the blast email that I am pasting below make sure to take my name and chapter info out of it and replace it with your own. It is good for copying and pasting but do not forget to make it come from you. (SMILE)

Sample Email

Hello Friends

What would you do with an extra $2,500, $1,000, or $500 cash? Whether you would put it toward your dream vacation, buy that luxury item you have been wanting, or wish to pay off a few bills, the National Federation of the Blind of Colorado can help you transform your dreams into reality. Purchase your tickets for the Amazing Colorado Raffle today and you will have the chance to win $2,500, $1,000, or $500 CASH. Tickets are 1 for $10 or 3 for $20 so buy early and buy often! The winning ticket will be drawn on October 29th at our National Federation of the Blind of Colorado annual state convention. You do not have to be present to win. We are having a friendly contest to see who can sell the most raffle tickets so when prompted on the purchase form write that you are purchasing tickets to support Jessica Beecham or NFBCO Sports and Rec (SMILE).


All raffle proceeds support the Braille Enrichment for Literacy and Learning (BELL) Program and the NFBCO scholarship program. BELL is a summer camp for blind children ages 5-12 that focuses on Braille literacy, daily living skills, and most importantly gaining confidence as a blind person.


Our NFB of Colorado scholarship program supports blind students in pursuit of a college education by offering more than $15,000 of scholarships each year.

The National Federation of the Blind of Colorado is very near and dear to my heart. I really appreciate your support of our great programs. Purchase your Amazing Colorado Raffle tickets now and you can thank me when you are one of our three big winners!

Best Wishes

Jessica Beecham

Please consider sharing our Facebook Event or a link to our Amazing Colorado Raffle with your friends and family!



Sample Facebook Posts

Here are some sample Facebook Posts/tweets

Winn CASH and support a GREAT cause. Buy your tickets today for the NFBCO Amazing Cash Raffle! http://www.nfbco.org/amazing-Colorado-raffle<http://www.nfbco.org/amazing-colorado-raffle>

Help blind kids learn Braille and enter for your chance to win some extra cash! http://www.nfbco.org/amazing-Colorado-raffle<http://www.nfbco.org/amazing-colorado-raffle>

Support @NFBCO scholarships and BELL and enter for your chance to win $4,000 in CASH prizes! #amazingcoloradoraffle #nfb16 http://www.nfbco.org/amazing-Colorado-raffle<http://www.nfbco.org/amazing-colorado-raffle>

Facebook Group:


This is a great way to invite your Facebook community to participate!

Sample Text

Support Braille Literacy and Scholarships for Blind Students. Purchase tickets for the NFBCO Amazing Cash Raffle http://www.nfbco.org/amazing-Colorado-raffle<http://www.nfbco.org/amazing-colorado-raffle> Tickets are 1 for $10 or 3 for $20.

If you need any assistance please feel free to give me a call at 615-497-0435 or email jessica at wefitwellness.com<mailto:jessica at wefitwellness.com>

Best Wishes

Jessica Beecham

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