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> Subject: Marketing of NFBCO Amazing Cash Raffle Call
> Greetings,
>> As we are about a month away froum our state convention in lovely Fort Collins Colorado, we have decided to host a call all about how you can help us most effectively market our amazing cash raffle.
>> This call will be held on Tuesday September 26 at 7:00 P.M. Mountain time..
>> The presentation will be lead by Jessica Beecham and will include but is not limited to:
>> 1.       How to send email blasts
>> 2.       How to effectively share via various social media outlets
>> 3.       how to effectively sell physical tickets
>> 4.       Q&A for any questions related to selling raffle tickets
>> I hope that all of you will consider joining thiss cal.
>> The call in number is (605)475-2875 and the access code is 600792#.
>> Thanks,
>> Cody

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