[Colorado-talk] NFL survivor pool challenge!!

ReNae Anderson mother27dragon at gmail.com
Mon Sep 3 20:16:36 UTC 2018

Happy Labor Day everyone!!

So, CABS is having an NFL survival pool where people can enter for only $20. This means that the money will add up and then will be split by the winners. Well, the mountains and plains chapter is the only chapter that has signed up as a chapter! Aren’t there any other chapters that want to challenge us? It’s OK if we are the winners, but it would be much more fun if other chapters joined also. I challenge each of you to the NFB survival pool! If you think you can beat us, join! Challenge on! Talk to any CABS member to get official rules and get signed up. You have to do it before September 6, which is the start of the season! Challenge or no challenge… Mountains and plains is going to win!😜

Karyn ReNae Anderson

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