[Colorado-Talk] artists and promotionaal information on 195 the globe

Amy Sabo amieelsabo at gmail.com
Thu Aug 29 04:05:49 UTC 2019

hello all,
I hope that you are all doing well tonight! please pass on the
following information to all of the people who you know like friends,
family, colleagues or people who you know who are interested in having
their work promoted on our radio station.

Welcome to the 195 The Globe services page. Our motto is “Our World
Revolves Around You”, and that is exactly what we do.

195 the globe being a 24 hour music and talk station, we also make
sure we look out for new and different music and artists. We offer
music and artist development and promotional services, and when you
sign up for one of our programs, you will get the full support of our
great team, as well as get your music out to audiences you have not
reached before.

 just go to our web site at http://195theglobe.com/promotion/
Check out what we offer

besides promoting all kinds of work in the entertainment field like
authors, motivational speakers, and podcasters we also love to promote
artists who have new music who are musicians to our station. to submit
your music to our station for consideration just go to our web site at

In this crowded internet driven world, you do not always have the time
it takes to put into promotion. The social media, finding interviews,
and the things that come with getting attention for your talent can
zap the fun out of your craft. Let 195 The Globe handel that for you!

thank you for supporting us and, I hope that we get many new artists
to join the radio station so we can promote you sand your craft!

amy sabo		

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