[Colorado-talk] Thank you! Thank you, CCB!

Diane McGeorge rmcgeorge at comcast.net
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Loved your letter to our amazing staff and just wanted to add my thanks to
them as well.
Every one there is dedicated to changing the world for blind people, one
person at a time, an d all the boards of NFB and CCB appreciate what you do
every day more than we can say.
You are a great group and we love you all.

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Greetings to the best training center staff in the world. I am sure that not
all staff subscribe to this list. But I know that many do. I was at our
center yesterday. It was pretty quiet. Many of you were out skiing and
traveling and doing other great stuff with your students. Thank you for
that. I was thinking that the staff that came before you had such an amazing
impact on my life. I am truly honored by what you all do every single day.
If the walls of our center buildings throughout history could talk! No.
That's a bad idea. I know we ask a lot of you. Thank you. It is not an
exaggeration to say that each of you have changed the lives of dozens and
dozens of people. You really have. So when the going gets tough! Please know
that many of us greatly appreciate you. I believe that those of us who are
graduates or serve on the national Federation of the blind of Colorado board
or the Colorado Center for the blind board do not send you, each and
everyone of you our love and appreciation often enough. I hope you are
having a beautiful glorious weekend.  And if I can ever do anything to be of
service or support to you personally or professionally. Please ask. I mean
that sincerely.


At Your Service,

Kevan Worley

Manager, NFBCO Project Literacy

Cell: (303)929-2369

 <http://www.nfbco.org/> www.nfbco.org 


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