[Colorado-talk] More info on Day at the Capitol Tomorrow

Dan Burke burke.dall at gmail.com
Sun Feb 10 19:50:09 UTC 2019

Greetings -

We will be meeting tomorrow in SCR 352.  SCR stands for Senate
Conference Room.  The room is on the third floor between the
elevators.  Actually, you go into a room tht is more or less the lobby
for a number of Senate Conference Rooms, and 352 is among them.  It
should be relatively easy to find.

We have this room at 8 a.m.  Last month at the Denver chapter we
announced we'd start by 8:30.  Other info out thtere has said 8 a.m.
Please try to be there as close to 8 as you can.  Senator jessie
Danielson plans to stop by about 8:15 because she has another meeting
she must attend at 8:30.  Of course, we'd all like to be there when
she arrives. She sponsored our Family Preservation bill last year and
is working on our accessible voting legislation this year.  It's a
chance to thank her for her support and leadership.

We will have the room until noon, so we'll need to start early so we
can finish early.  Bothe the House and Senate go into full sessions at
10 a.m., so if we get out of our meeting early we will have more luck
meeting individual members.

See you in the morning!


Dan Burke
President, NFB of Denver

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