[Colorado-talk] Please Make 3 Phone Calls on Subminimum Wages

Dan Burke burke.dall at gmail.com
Wed Feb 20 15:27:26 UTC 2019

Good Frozen Morning!  Since it's so cold, maybe you could make some
important phone calls today.

It's got a new name in this Congress, but it's still a bill to end the
exploitation of paying workers with disabilities subminimum wages
under 14(c) of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).  14(c) is an
unfair labor standard. No, it's just substandard.

It's now called the Transition to Competitive Employment Act (TCE),
and it's been introduced in both houses of Congress.  Let's get some
Colorado cosponsors on those bills.

Below are listed the respective bill numbers, followed by the Senator
or Representatives and their DC phone numbers.  We all need to call
both Senators.  We also should call our own Representative.  If you
don't know who that is, I can help.

For those living in House District 2, formerly Jared Polis' district,
I especially urge you to call your new Congressman, Joe Neguse.  His
office was very interested in the subminimum wage issue when we talked
with them in January.  A bunch of calls from home could make him a

And of course, we had freshman Congressman Jason Crow for a tour at
the Colorado Center for the Blind yesterday.  This is House District
6, Mike Coffman’s old district covering much of Littleton, Englewood,
Centennial and parts of Aurora and Denver.   Congressman Crow is aware
of H.R. 873, so calls to his office asking him to cosponsor will
definitely be heard.

In fact, every legislative aide we met with in January has received
and e-mail from me and a “Dear Colleague” letter from the two House
sponsors.  It’s really a great time to get this bill rolling!

Here's what Gabe Cazares of our national policy teams says about TCE:
The Transformation to Competitive Employment Act was introduced in the
Senate by Senator Casey of Pennsylvania and Senator Van Hollen of
Maryland, and was assigned bill number S. 260. In the House, Chairman
Bobby Scott of Virginia and Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers of
Washington introduced companion legislation, H.R. 873. These bills
would phase out Section 14(c) of the Fair Labor Standards Act over a
six-year period, at which point the provision would officially be

Lots of you are veterans at making these phone calls.  For those that
aren't, all you have to do is say that you are a member of the NFB,
live in Boulder or Brush or Basalt, and that you want the member to be
a cosponsor on H.R. 873 for Representatives or S. 260 for Senators.
And that's about as long as you will get on the phone.  Here's the
calling info:

S. 260
Senator Michael Bennet

Senator Cory Gardner

House of Representatives
H.R. 873
Rep. Ken Buck

Rep. Jason Crow
(202) 225-7882

Rep. Diana DeGette

Rep. Doug Lamborn

Rep. Joe Neguse

Rep. Ed Perlmutter

Rep. Scott Tipton

Let’s end the exploitation at long last!  Thanks in advance to each of
you making calls – you are our movement!


Dan Burke
President, NFB of Denver

"Blindness is not what holds you back.  You can live the life you want!"
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