[Colorado-Talk] OT: 195 The Globe Finally Returns To The Internet Airwaves Tonight

David Dunphy david.globeonair at gmail.com
Fri Dec 2 14:14:56 UTC 2022

Greetings To All!
It's been a rough journey this past year, but finally, 195 The Globe
is returning to your lives!
When you might ask?
Try today, on the globe's original birthday, December 2 2022.
The fun starts at 8 PM eastern with The Djd Invasion Kick-off birthday party.
Come enjoy some good music and friends tonight as we bring in the
globe and kick off your weekend with a birthday celebration, a toast,
great music, and a glance into what's coming in the next few months
for the station.
To read about our birthday celebration plans and what else is coming
for the globe, including how to listen tonight and participate, visit
The holidays are almost here, but the globe's birthday is tonight! So
come be apart of the fun. See you there.
>From David Dunphy, Janeen Lea, and Chris, your globe dream team!

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