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     My name is Jaime Tomasello, and I am from CA.  Currently I attend 
Diablo Valley College completing the last of my pre reqs. before 
transferring to Saint Mary's College of CA where I will be majoring in 
liberal/civic studies with a minor in women's studies.  I work as a 
student assistant in the disabled students computer lab at DVC training 
other visually impaired and blind students how to use the computer as a 
blind independent user.  I also teach Braille too.  My school schedule 
does not allow me to do much community service for right now but in the 
past I did a lot of community service and now with school I try my best 
to help out in the community.  In the past I was in Girl Scouts for 
nine years and in my troop we did a lot of community service.  From 
singing christmas carols and visiting those who do not get a lot of 
vistors who live in a retirement facility to make holiday cards to 
those who are terminally ill, and ect.  I was also a member of the 
International Order of the Rainbow for Girls for six years.  Rainbow 
girls is a youth organization for girls between the ages of 11-21 and 
this organization is supported by masons.  I participated in many 
community service projects while being a member of this organization 
 from making and serving lunch monthly at a homeless shelter, helping at 
different walk a thons for other organizations, making and delivering 
cards at the vetrans hospital, and serving for the masons by serving at 
masonic events and also assisting in preparing for their monthly 
mailings, and ect..  Every year each state where there is rainbow they 
raise funds for a state wide service project.  Every year I was in 
rainbow in CA we would raise over $80,000 for an organization.  I have 
also participated by helping at the local library in the past and visit 
and entertained patients in the convalessment hospital.  After 
graduating from the Colorado Center in 2005 I was asked to speak in the 
special education classes at DVC to educate others who are taking these 
specific classes that a blind person can do it all because most of 
these students who take the special education classes to prepare to 
become future special education teachers have never been around a 
confident and independent blind person before.  I continue to do these 
speaking engagements in the special education classes at DVC every 
semester and have already been asked to do it again for the upcoming 
fall semester.  Currently, I am the secretary for the NFBC San 
Francisco Chapter.  In the past we have raise money and toys for the 
toys for tots program through the San Francisco Fire Fighter 
Department.  I believe and hope that my chapter can do more community 
service activities since we as blind people get assistance by others 
all the time in my opinion.  How do I get my chapter from all agreeing 
that doing a service project or projects is a great idea to actually 
doing and participating in them.  To me that is the issue for my 
chapter.  Any suggestions?  Hope that everyone have a great day.

Jaime Tomasello

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