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Youth Service Day

                                                         April 21, 2011  
                                                           Volume 18, 
No. 16                                                                  
                               Youth Changed the World On Global Youth 
Service Day                                                             
                                                    Last weekend, 
millions of young people around the world strengthened their 
communities through community service or service-learning projects 
during the 23rd annual Global Youth Service Day.                        
         • Over 2,500 youth-led projects were registered on GYSD.org in 
all 50 states + DC in the U.S. and in 102 countries around the world.   
                              • YSA distributed over $1 million in 
grants to 821 youth leaders, schools, and organizations that engaged at 
least 436,000 youth volunteers.                                • 
Hundreds of news stories about GYSD appeared in newspapers, blogs, and 
on TV and radio while hundreds of elected officials supported GYSD, 
including 28 Members of Congress and 17 Governors.                      
           • Youth addressed important local, national, and global 
issues, including childhood obesity, illiteracy, hunger, pollution, and 
bullying & violence, making real and lasting change in their 
communities.                                Watch YSA.org and GYSD.org 
for a complete Global Youth Service Day 2011 Final Report by the end of 
June.                                To make sure your GYSD project is 
included in the Final Report and to help YSA tell the story of the 
collective impact of everyone's service on GYSD, take a few minutes to 
tell us what happened in your community. Complete the GYSD Impact 
Report at www.GYSD.org/report                                Save the 
Date - Global Youth Service Day 2012 is April 20-22.                    
                                             YSA SPONSORS

                      News From the Field                                
                                                             Earth Day - 
A Billion Acts of Green                    This year, Earth Day is 
calling on everyone to participate in A Billion Acts of Green, a 
campaign to generate a billion acts of environmental service and 
advocacy. The "A Billion Acts of Green" campaign encourages individuals 
and organizations to undertake green actions, and to share them with 
the world. These actions can be immediate changes like switching to 
energy efficient light bulbs, or large-scale projects that achieve 
lasting change, such as efforts to green our cities and our schools. 
The goal is to reach a billion acts by the U.N. Conference on 
Sustainable Development in Rio de  Janeiro, Brazil in June 2012, as 
evidence that people all over  the world are working to protect the 
Earth.  http://bit.ly/e0Ay4h                                            
                 Update on National Service Budget                    
Last Friday President Obama signed a Continuing Resolution that funds 
the federal government for the rest of fiscal year 2011. In total, the 
continuing resolution provides $1.077 billion for the Corporation for 
National and Community Service and its programs, about 94% of our FY 
2010 enacted level, resulting in several cuts, including  $12.6 million 
cut from RSVP programs, $22.5 million cut from AmeriCorps, and $39.5 
million from Learn and Serve America, the entire Learn and Serve 
America budget. More information about how these budget cuts will 
affect CNCS-funded programs will be announced in the coming weeks. 
      Lemonade Day - May 1                    Lemonade Day is a 
nationwide event that teaches kids the skills they  need to be 
successful in the future. Youth learn to set goals, develop a  business 
plan, establish a budget, seek investors, provide customer  service, 
and give back to the community. Lemonade day is the perfect  
opportunity for a community to show kids they care and train the next  
generation of entrepreneurs. Find a Lemonade Day event in your city - 
or learn how to bring Lemonade Day to your community at 
         Briefcase Brigade - April 27                    On Wednesday, 
April 27th, when members of Congress are home for recess, youth are 
going to their offices all around the country to demand they prioritize 
jobs over budget cuts. Youth will be dressed for an interview, 
briefcase in hand, with our resumes to show we’re ready for work, but 
the opportunities just aren’t there. This is the first step in building 
a national youth movement that demands action on the jobs crisis. You 
can ignite this movement by taking action in your community. To learn 
how to start a briefcase brigade, visit: http://bit.ly/ejTyVc           
Grants & Awards                                                         
                                    Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes 
                    Deadline: April 30                    The Gloria 
Barron Prize for Young Heroes honors young people ages 8 to 18 who have 
made a significant positive difference to people and our planet. Each 
year, ten national winners each receive $2,500 to support their service 
work or higher education. http://bit.ly/edhitj                          
                                                       ING Unsung Heroes 
Grants                    Deadline: April 30                    Are you 
an educator with a class project that is short on funding but long on 
potential? Do you know a teacher looking for grant dollars? ING Unsung 
Heroes® could help you turn great ideas into reality for students. Each 
year, 100 educators are selected to receive $2,000 to help fund their 
innovative class projects. Three of those are chosen to receive the top 
awards of an additional $5,000, $10,000 and $25,000. 
     Campus Progress / Colorlines.com 2011 National Keynote Contest      
               Deadline: May 13                    Enter the 2011 
National Keynote Contest, and you could win the chance to share your 
story in front of over 1,000 young people at this year’s Campus 
Progress National Conference in Washington, DC, on July 6.  Just shoot 
a short video that answers the question: In your own life, how are you 
changing the rules of our race conversation, and creating real 
solutions for racial and social justice? http://bit.ly/eVuhS5           
                                                  Jane Goodall's Roots & 
Shoots Youth Leadership Award                    Deadline: May 16       
              The Youth Leadership Award recognizes an individual (14 to 
26 years of age) who exhibit leadership and excellence through his or 
her work to help preserve our natural world, protect animals or benefit 
our human community.  This year's recipients of the Jane Goodall Global 
Leadership Awards will be presented at an event in Los Angeles on the 
evening of Saturday, September 24, 2011. http://bit.ly/gernIO
                       Everyday Young Heroes                             
                              Rachel Millhauser                          
       Miami, FL                                Youth Service America 
recognizes sixteen year old Rachel Millhauser of Miami, Florida, as one 
of our Everyday Young Heroes for her efforts to raise awareness and 
fundraise for Haitian earthquake relief efforts through music.

                                 Rachel started Teens for Life, a 
community service group to creates events where teens come together to 
make a better life for the less fortunate through music. For Global 
Youth Sevrice Day 2010, Rachel and ten friends got together to record a 
cover of Michael Jackson's & Lionel Richie's "We Are the World" and 
focused to raise awareness for Haiti. Rachel single handedly raised 
around $800 to complete the video and an additional $400 to donate to 
the Haitian Health Foundation. She then performed this song with the 
other vocalists for over 1000 people on Rosh Hashanah. Several audience 
members were brought to tears and one was even compelled to send a 
donation to Rachel's group. With this donation, Rachel began her second 
project for Malaika for Life, a network of angels who fight malaria - 
the number 1 killer in Africa – and empower vulnerable communities in 
Tanzania. After an intern at Malaika for Life saw the We Are the World 
video and showed it to the founder and head of the organization, Rachel 
was invited to a Malaika for Life fashion show to meet the founder and 
was asked to do a similar video for their organization. Rachel once 
again brought together about a dozen vocalists and recorded all the 
music on her own to create this video that will be released on Global 
Youth Service Day 2011. Watch the video at: http://bit.ly/gfWP1l

                                 In addition to her work with Teens for 
Life, Rachel is Vice President of her municipality's youth advisory 
council and is involved in numerous clubs at her school including 
Operation Smile, HISA, Drama Club, A2Z Book Club and Interact Club. For 
her work to raise awareness about the disaster in Haiti and in honor of 
her new video to bring awareness to the fight against Malaria, we honor 
Rachel as an Everyday Young Hero.

nominate a young person who has improved their community through 
service to be recognized as an Everyday Young Hero, please visit 
               resources & trainings                                     
    2011 National Youth Leadership Training                              
          July 16 - 23, 2011 - Voyageur Environmental Center, Mound, MN
                     Since 1979 young people have gathered for a week of 
adventure, self-discovery, leadership-building and service.  This 
training prepares students to implement service-learning projects that 
address the achievement gap in their home communities. High school 
students entering grades 9-12 in the fall of 2011attend as a team, from 
a school or community-based organization, accompanied by a supportive 
year-round adult mentor or teacher. Spaces are limited!  Group 
application is due May 6th. For more information, visit 
                          Millennial Donor Report & Summit               
                          The Case Foundation is proud to present 
MDS2011 - a Virtual Summit on June 22, to discuss results from the 
Millennial Donor Survey -- a new report by Achieve and JGA. Some of the 
results may surprise you! An impressive 93 percent of Millennials gave 
to nonprofit organizations in 2010, with 10 percent giving $1,000 or 
more. And when it comes to the motivation to give to an organization, 
more than 56 percent cited trust as a key factor. Read the report at 
         10 Ideas That Will Change the World                    Each 
year, TIME Magazine dedicates an issue to exploring 10 ideas that will 
change the world. This year, one of those ideas is youth engagement. 
The article, "Sweet Bird of Youth! The Case for Optimism" explores the 
need for meaningful youth engagement in order to take advantage of the 
"youth bulge" to spur economic growth and reduce conflict. The article 
also calls on us all to have some more "youthful optimism" about the 
world: http://ti.me/eqcpWu
                          Service Calendars                              
Conferences & Events                                        National 
Conference on Volunteering and Service
                     June 6-8, 2011 - New Orleans, LA                    
                     Big Tent Conference                    November 3 - 
5,  2011 - Omaha, NE                    National Service-Learning 
Conference                    April 11-14, 2012 - Minneapolis, MN       
              See more events on the Conference Calendar.                
                                             Seasons of Service          
           April 2011                    Sodexo Servathon - April        
            National Child Abuse Prevention Month - April
                    National Park Week - April 16-24
                    Earth Day - April 22
                     World Malaria Day - April 25                    See 
more important dates on the Seasons of Service Calendar.                
                                                              Quote of 
the Week                                                                
                             "The Jewish people, ever since David slew 
Goliath, have never considered youth as a barrier to leadership."       
              - President John F. Kennedy                                
                          The Editors                                    
                                                 Mike Minks              
                  Director of Outreach
Danielle Miranda                                Manager of Outreach
                                 Associate Editor                        
Mike Man                                Manager of Outreach
                                 Associate Editor                        
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