[Community-service] Volunteers Needed to Serve on CORPS Committee

Mary Donahue braille at satx.rr.com
Mon Aug 8 14:56:46 UTC 2011

Good morning everyone,

    During last night's Community Service Group telephone conference 
meeting, I volunteered to serve as chairperson of the Community Organizing 
and Recruitment of Persons Who Serve, or CORPS Committee. This committee 
would include members from different states who are willing to go back to 
their state affiliates and establish community service groups at the state 
level. I am looking for volunteers who are willing to help out with the 
CORPS Committee. If you are willing to help, please email me off list with 
your contact information. Afterwards, I can let Darien know, and perhaps we 
can start a conference call later in the year. I know Bri Brown was 
interested in helping, but I would like more names if possible.

    My email address is as follows:

braille at satx.rr.com

Please use that email address to send me your contact information, and we 
can get a meeting started within the next month or two.

    Thank you in advance.

Mary Donahue

"Be well, do good work, and keep in touch."
Garrison Keillor 

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