[Community-service] Looking for ideas

Everett Gavel everett at everettgavel.com
Mon Dec 30 00:13:57 UTC 2013

Hi Darian, and all,

What about coordinating with the city of Orlando 
to have a "cleanup the park" day/event. We'd take 
a day to clean up a park, picking up litter, etc. 
We, nationally, could be involved, and then, for 
at least the next few years we'll be returning to 
that city for conventions, we can renew the 
partnership, getting good PR from it all.

It'd be a hot few hours to say the least, plus 
there's the possibility of gators being on the 
waters edge if there are any low-lying areas in 
the park. I remember in my 10 years in Tampa Bay, 
there being gators showing up in some interesting 
places where you wouldn't think they could get to 
without being seen, y'know? Drainage ditches, tiny 
ponds, people's backyards, everywhere. And people 
sometimes lost pets due to it. Still, it's 1 
possibility maybe?

Strive On!

----- original message ----- 
> Hi everyone!
> I hope you all are  enjoying the holidays!
> I, along with my friends in the community 
> service group leadership  have been  thinking 
> about  exciting and interesting thins  to do for 
> the 2014 National Convention.
> So, if you should have ideas of  what we should 
> do for National convention as the community 
> service group  please do let me/us know.
>  Best, wishes
>    Darian

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