[Community-service] Service in the media: Food for thought or fuel for action?

Darian Smith dsmithnfb at gmail.com
Tue May 14 13:22:14 CDT 2013

Hi all,
 I want to share  this message  that   was a part of an e-mail I received earlier today.
 it really got me thinking  about the work that organizations try to do to promote their causes, in this case the cause of National Service.
 Consider  while you read this the goal of this group/ division to-be, and tell e what we can do that is just donating to the effort?

Hi Darian -

Three weeks ago, ServiceNation launched an exciting new multi-year campaign to make national service part of our country’s way of life.

Now, we need your help to take this campaign to the next level by June 1.

The truth is, national service is not widely understood – not the idea, its importance to our country, nor its impact on our communities. But you know the importance and, together, we’re going to change this with a new campaign that has a simple but ambitious goal: a day when young Americans ask each other, “Where will your year of national service be?”

Will you chip in $10 to move our campaign to the next level?

This would transform our country. And since Congress is not keeping up with its promise to expand opportunities to serve, we need to get creative because politics follows culture. That’s why we are working with the entertainment industry to have AmeriCorps featured in popular television shows and movies for the next two to three years. Two months ago, Ken Harbaugh, our executive director, and I worked to convene a meeting of Hollywood writers about this idea. The writers were enthusiastic about using TV shows in a new cultural campaign that aims to popularize a year of service.

But we need your support to help make this a reality.

On June 1, Hollywood writers start working on scripts for next year’s new and returning television shows. Our contacts in Hollywood have let us know that if we want to see AmeriCorps featured in next season’s shows, we need to act now!

Can you donate $10 to help move our campaign forward on television?

We need to raise $6,000 by June 1 to move this campaign to the next level. Please consider making a minimum donation of $10 today. And those who give will be considered founding donors to what will become a historic campaign. You could see AmeriCorps featured on your favorite television show or movie, or online next season.




 when conversations about service come up, I wonder where these agencies realistically  see the contributions  the blind may have to their agencies, cities, causes?  Do they see us as on the sidelines? should we be portrayed  in the media  as participants  of service in our  communities? 

   Probably on a less global level, should  we try to  make sure  that we are  included in these proposed portrayals?

 your thoughts?

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