[Community-service] Would a year of voluntary public service bringout america's best?

Chris Parsons christine-parsons at sbcglobal.net
Mon Mar 16 02:34:43 UTC 2015

Darian and all,

I think this makes perfect sense and would lead to great benefits both for our country and for those who serve. And absolutely this applies to blind people. One of the goals of the Community Service Division is to show that we as blind people can serve our communities just as any sighted person can, so if a national initiative like this was developed, then there is no question that it should apply to us and include us just as it would apply to and include anyone else. The two main barriers I see for blind people in participating in such an initiative are our own worries and uncertainties about our capacity to serve and the willingness of volunteer organizations and agencies to let us participate fully in service. Much of our workhe as the Community Service Division is to break down these barriers by providing a forum for us as blind people to network and share our service experiences and resources and also by educating volunteer organizations, agencies, and the general public about the capacity of the blind to serve. I think that with these efforts, there is no reason why something like this should not also apply to blind people.


From: Darian Smith via Community-service 
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Subject: [Community-service] Would a year of voluntary public service bringout america's best?

Hi all, 
I saw this really interesting article on twitter  and wanted your thoughts on it.
does this make sense, does it at all apply to blind people?

  Would a Year of Voluntary Public Service Bring Out America's Best? 

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