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April 1st, 2019

Cupertino — Today, Apple has proudly announced that, through partnerships with the Orbit Research<http://www.orbitresearch.com>, Vispero<http://www.vispero.com>, and other leading manufacturers of Braille displays on the market, a new innovative solution in the next level of providing accessibility to its users who are Braille readers.

Meet BraillePad® - a New Way to Read Braille Without the Cost

Our revolutionary BraillePad® is a tool designed to take the cost of producing high-quality Braille displays for readers of the tactile system. It is also a tool that will enhance a user’s productivity, efficiency, and freedom — the freedom to know that Braille can be anywhere, at any time, and that it is a mainstream tool for literacy as print fonts are for those who read them.

The BraillePad® has the size, weight and length specifications of an iPad® Pro, but with a 7.95 diagonal full-size touchscreen. A 15-cell high-efficiency Braille display replaces our traditional home button, which has signage-quality Braille always at your fingertips. Besides this display is a fingerprint sensor for those users unaccustomed to our flagship FaceID built in to iPhone 10. The Braille pins on the display are powered by the technology that also powers such devices as the Orbit Reader<http://aph.org/orbit-reader-20> and other displays. They retract and lift easily, making the Braille easier to feel and read.

Learn more about Features of BraillePad®

  *   12.9'' frameboard — the size of a full iPad Pro® but without the screen of one
  *   7.9'' diagonal screen — the same screen size as that of an iPad Mini®, which is enough to power the touch screen functions of the BraillePad® device
  *   A12X Bionic chip, which supports connections up to 802.1N, X, LTE, and 5G with maximum speeds
  *   Stereo speakers and omnidirectional stereo microphones — good for capturing notes and events
  *   Integrated 8.4 MP (megapitzels) camera — useful for fast, accurate and efficient Optical Character Recognition (OCR results
  *   Integrated Liquid Retina Display with backlight support to change contrast levels easily during nighttime or daytime
  *   15-cell Braille display with recractible pins


“In any given point in time we have never seen Braille become so mainstream and prevalent as it has become today,” said Apple’s CEO Tim Cook. “the BraillePad® is really going to make a lot of difference in many lives that have become cumbersome or shut out because of the unavailability or price of devices with specialized design they have used at school or work.”

more about BraillePad®

The BraillePad® comes with both Touch and FaceID so users can have many options for unlocking their device. It also comes with a lightening port, a wireless charging station, and a USB 2.0/3.0 port beside the power button — useful for those who take their work offline to and from school, work, or even out making their purchases.

BraillePad® is the new iPad of the future for Braille readers. Wherever you go, whether it is in your classroom teaching Braille to a young reader; signing and reading loan or rental paperwork at an office; writing a report for your immediate supervisors; reading choral sheet music at church; or just enjoying a quick book in the comfort of home, BraillePad® is here and it can meet your literacy needs. Among many features that iPhone lovers had come to love, BraillePad® includes these software features:


  *   iOS 12.1 and Above
  *   iCloud support
  *   iTunes and Apple Music
  *   Instant and immediate syncing with VoiceOver and the Braille display


“We take inclusivity, belonging, accessibility and universal design at the core of our mainstream values,” said Cook. “The BraillePad® is just yet another example of what we can take out of displaying those values, and truly making people understand that things like Braille are just ways that people of diverse abilities can learn, adapt to their environment and make sense of the world.”

The BraillePad® will support all Braille codes, including Unified English Braille, and other codes which VoiceOver already supports, so no need to install any third-party software or apps. If the user will be running VoiceOver that is enough to launch the Braille functionality in BraillePad®.

We believe that BraillePad® will enhance the iPad experience to our esteemed Apple VoiceOver users, as well as spreading much more awareness about Braille literacy in ways that have not been done before, such as in education, workforce, and presentation settings. We at Apple seek to send the message that just as there are many languages spoken in our nation, as well as the world, in all corners of the public and private sector, Braille is just another literacy medium anyone can learn and become familiar with in all corners of society. We hope BraillePad® will further attest to this mission.


To learn more about BraillePad®, and its official launch date of April First, visit www.Apple.com/BraillePad/<http://www.Apple.com/BraillePad/>

P.S. April Fools!!!

April Fools Disclaimer

Hope you enjoyed the above message. It is for your entertainment only. It is not or has not been endorsed by Apple, does not come from Apple or is not written by Apple. If anything, I, the composer of this post, accept responsibilities. Please enjoy your April Fools' day as best you can, and relax. They are only pranks.


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