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Hello Georgia and everyone,


                It helps to have a cane on you to push the fox away if it gets too close. Making lots of noise when you go outside to let the fox, bear, or any other wild animal that enters your yard know that its presence isn't welcome usually scares most creatures away. Do this repeatedly until the animal in question gets the message that it's a good idea to stay away from human settlements. It's unfare to injure or kill any wild animal that has not caused harm to humans just because a blind person or their family is scared of the individual not being aware of the animal's presence.


                This happened when I was a child in Middleboro Massachusetts. One day a large snapping turtle came in to our back yard. My uncle killed it because everyone was worried about it causing harm to me because I was blind. It would have been a more humane thing to simply leave the turtle alone and let it wonder off in the hopes it would not return. Many creatures with whom we share our planet already have too many threats to their existance to deal with. Their distruction over ffears of what they may do to a blind individual who is unaware of their presence doesn't need to be one of them.


Peter Donahue




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Hi everyone,


There seems to be a red fox in our backyard. Seen by the neighbors then my dad. It was at our deck.


First concern was safety as people with visual impairment, it might attack us if we go out the backyard trying to throw the trash because we happen to get too close to their territory; under the shed or deck, especially if they have babies. 


Already called the animal control they transferred me to Fairfax police (I'm in Fairfax county VA) but they only come out if foxy is either injured laying dead and/or stationary. They don't do removal and relocation. I called wildlife rescue and they told me there is no government services to deal with our case under the county so we have to hire a licensed fox removal to trap and they will put it down as that's the only way they can do it without government help.


Any suggestions? Or any networks we have to help foxy red here. If it does have babies and start roaming around, the neighborhood mostly be the ones going to hunt it down. We're close by children's play fields and I'm sure they won't hesitate to call the exterminators.


Curious question, what do you do when you happen to encounter wildlife animals while moving your white cane? Although, I know foxes are smart and runs away from you but what if you stumble on its den/lair/home? "Oh foxy sorry! Didn't mean to poke you with my cane!"





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