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53 Ways to Impact Your Community Every Day
Posted by Up with People
For 53 years Up with People has been reaching communities and people
across the globe through our music, our message and our service. Cast
A 2018 just hit the road this week, and as they begin their journey we
wanted to offer up ways each of us can have a positive impact in our
own communities. Not only do we serve our mission through the
activities of our international touring casts, but many of Up with
People’s 22,000+ alumni continue to make a positive difference in the
world long after their tour has ended. We know one thing for sure, the
more each of us acts as global citizens and become positive agents of
change, the better off we all are.

53 Ways To Impact Your Community

1.) Make It A Habit To Respect All People – This includes while
driving, walking, interacting with people in line. Small ripples of
respect can make a big difference in your community.

2.) Dedicate a Complete Day to Help Out a Friend in His/Her
Aspirations and Goals – We all have talents and dreams. Why not help
those you care about reach their full potential?

3.) Make It A Habit To Perform Random Acts of Kindness – Ideas
include: wheel out a neighbor’s trash bin, shovel a neighbor’s
sidewalk after a snowstorm, pick up trash in your neighborhood, pay
for a stranger’s coffee. For hundreds of ideas check out

4.) Start a Community Garden – Food brings people together and there
are few better ways to foster that community than by growing it

5.) Be Kind – This is needed today more than ever. Kindness surprises
people and is infectious.

6.) Foster engaged communities – At Up with People we collaborate with
each community we visit, work together to address local issues and
form community connections that enhance compassion and trust. You can
do the same.

7.) Run/Walk a 5K for a cause – Not only does this support a cause you
care about but it also allows you to meet like minded people in your

8.) Be The Person Who Welcomes New Neighbors To The Community –
Peering out your window wondering who this new person is that is
moving in next door? Go say hi!

9.) Volunteer At Least Once A Month – If you pick only one thing from
this list, then choose this. Get involved in your community in causes
you care about. Don’t know where to begin? Try VolunteerMatch.org,
AllForGood.org, or DoSomething.org.

10.) Empower Youth as Positive Change Agents – We strive to help youth
throughout the world become more aware of global and local issues,
realize their individual capacity and inspire them to take personal
action to make positive change. Foster this in your own community.

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11.) Write a Positive Review of a Local Small Business – Few are more
connected to and more dependent on the local community that small
shops. Make the business owners day by posting something positive.

12.) Ask a Senior About Their Past – They have a lifetime of wisdom to
share and time spend with a senior will benefit you just as much as it
will benefit them.

13.) Got Some Musical Talent? Teach a Few Kids for Free – Spark
creativity and teach skills to kids. They are our future!

14.) Leave Quarters at the Laundromat With a Happy Note – Making
someone’s day is never “small change”.

15.) Bake Someone A Cake – When was the last time someone baked for
you? Remember how you felt when they did? Spread joy with yummy food.

16.) Plant A Tree – We all breathe the same air so why not help to
keep it clean. Plant a tree today.

17.) Babysit to Help Out a Single-parent. – Chances are that parent
hasn’t had any free time in a long while. A breather will help them be
a better parent which is good for all.

18.) Mentor Someone – Sometimes the only thing a talented, hungry,
motivated young person needs is a mentor. Be that person for them.

19.) Share Favorite Recipes With Complete Strangers – This is a great
way to get to know those in your area. Don’t forget to follow up to
see if they cooked and liked them!

20.) Leave a Surprise in a Library Book – Imagine the joy someone
would feel opening up a library book to find a gift card or a note
from a complete stranger.

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