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I guess I can try to further fill in the gaps here.  Tons of non-profits welcome virtual volunteers but what you do and what you need for access depends on the project and that organization.  If they require software, they will usually provide it or it should be something common or available for free to download.  They would not want to lose any willing volunteer due to cost or obscure software.  And, it is not always about software or computers.

For example, you could help practically any non-profit with phone calls for donations or service outreach so for that, you just need a phone, hopefully with unlimited minutes, and make calls from anywhere where you have a phone line or cell service.  Or if you decide to knit blankets or sew teddy bears from home for the Red Cross to give out to people escaping a house fire - you just need fabric, sewing machine, and stuff.  And you want do not need any special software to create encouraging notes to children in the hospital or thoughtful letters to service people overseas.

Perhaps start with your skills or interests and then a quick search online for organizations that match.  Plenty of online postings for volunteers so just look for those that mention "remote" or "virtual".  But hopefully, they are knowledgeable about accessibility and if not, then it could be a good opportunity to educate them.

Let us know what you find!

All the best for your volunteer efforts~

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good explanation.
So, where do you find the volunteer options?
Also, what software is needed to connect with the people you help?
Google Hangouts is not accessible last I checked.



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Since I was the one who mentioned "virtual volunteering", I will give it a go at explaining it.  The term basically refers to the location where you are performing the work where you are not physically in the same place as the organization that you are volunteering for or where the recipients are.  Basically, volunteering virtually means you could be performing the volunteer work at home, at the library, on a beach in Aruba, on top of the Eiffel Tower, or anywhere in between depending on the flexibility of the project.

I suggested this to the person who posted a desire for community service but live in a remote area with limited transportation options so that she can explore options that do not require her to be physically present.  In my post, I provided a list of options that include technology as well as non-technology virtual volunteering opportunities.

Hope this helps~

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Hello All:

I was recently reading through some of these topics on the community-service at nfbnet.orgmailto:community-service at nfbnet.org<mailto:community-service at nfbnet.orgmailto:community-service at nfbnet.org> mailing list serv, and I know someone posted something about doing ?virtual volunteering.? What does this, in turn, actually mean? What does it entail? How does it work?

I am imagining it is sort of volunteering for a website where you submit content and such that may be useful and positive to others; is that similar?

I have been recently inclined to do podcasts for a site called Applevis, which is a community-driven web page for everything relating to the accessibility of Apple products. Does that qualify as virtual volunteering? Or, just volunteering in general? I need some guidance. How would I put this on my personal resume?

Here?s a link to the podcast feed, in case anyone?s interested in listening.


Have an awesome day today and thanks much for answering my questions.



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