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A message from Board Member Samuel Jonita Gates: 

 Every day presents an opportunity for community service, whether a large project or an individual service. There are three well-known holidays or observances, in the U.S., before the National Convention. These are great opportunities to serve and promote the Community Service Division's goals and beliefs. Let's Take Action during these special occasions or opportunities which are recognized for the things we, community service members, believe, fight for, and exemplify... Freedom, Unity, Equality Equal-rights, and Independence. During these holidays, Father's Day, June 16th, Nineteenth,June 19th, and Independence Day, June 4th, many charitable, humanitarian, religious and such organizations will complete projects of service. Volunteer and join any of these organization's services, but if for any reason you cannot, you can still serve. There are many individual acts of love and community service. Love begins at home, family, and spreads to your community, neighborhood, and Beyond. Visit or call one of many elderly fathers that do not have children any more or will be neglected by his children. Share your time, take a gift or card, play games, or just Converse with them or him. Juneteenth and July 4th, gather as many of the young in your family or neighbourhood and speak to them of the importance of these observances. Share stories with morals, principles or that will make a point from your own life. Initiate the process of locating a missing child in a father's life or reconnect a father and child that's been disconnected. Go with a person that wants to visit the grave of a child or be the transportation if possible. Gather things that are needed in your family or community and give them. Be of service anyway that you can... Be the supporter, the counselor, the  transporter, the Entertainer, the listener, donator... whatever way you can serve... furnish or supply with something needed or provide services that benefits or help. Be blessed in your service, SjGates.

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