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Greetings Darian,
In light of the pandemic, I wanted to share something great I thought you might like to hear! A few things: On December 3rd 2019 I had surgery to restore my hearing, and it was on the day of my surgery that I handed out holiday cards to all the hospital staff to wish them a happy holiday, and they were exponentially overjoyed when I handed out the cards! They weren't expecting me to do that at all because they said that usually when patients come in for surgery all they really think about is getting their surgery out of the way so they can get back to feeling better so they can get back to living their lives pain free. The medical team told me they don't get very many thank yous from patients, so they were a little caught off guard when I came in and handed out all those cards to everyone! Another service project I wanted to share was on November 29th of 2016 I handed out my huge stash of leftover Halloween candy to the sick children at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center. And there was even enough candy for some of the nurses there too! This was also done on a day I was having surgery. My staff person and I just couldn't believe how big of an impact I've been in the lives of the hospital's staff and their patients! I remember the nurses would ask me, "What was your reason for wanting to do this wonderful thing for us?" I told them I didn't exactly have a definite answer to why I did it, but that I have had such pleasant experiences each time I've needed surgery or any kind of medical care, and every single time I've had surgery the medical team have always been super compassionate towards me, and they kept me calm and walked me through the process and they explained what all was gonna happen in an understanding way and they said after I handed out those cards and the candy I didn't really need to thank them in words because my generosity and in showing them how much I appreciate them for always being there for me when I needed it most had definitely made up for these three words:
Thanks everyone tremendously!!!
And I want to finish this message with a bang! The doctor that did my surgery on December 3rd had showed me what the ossicular implant feels like, and I think it's super amazing how such a teeny tiny piece like that can restore so much hearing, and the testimony is to follow, and it's that since surgery I haven't needed my hearing aids anymore and I was rewarded and blessed with close to normal hearing, and I believe this was God's way of thanking me for showing how much I appreciate all that these health professionals are doing to staying committed to our well-being. Today is Sunday April 25th 2020, and I am happy to say I am still doing so well, I haven’t had any ear infections since surgery, and I have been doing great, hearing great, and healing up quite well! Here lately I've just been reflecting on how well I've been doing since surgery and how happy my medical team is in having me hand out those cards and the candy. I reflect on the positive impact we've made in each other's lives. And one last service I've done is at my day program with Clovernook Center for the Blind. I would always donate coffee creamer and sweeteners, plastic bowls, or I'd bring in bags of chips or soft drinks for those at the program who needed something extra to have with their lunches, or if they needed cream and sugar in their coffee I'd assist in the supply to make sure everyone got what they needed, and everyone there appreciated me for everything, and I would always apologize and tell them I know it's not much, and they would always encourage me and tell me every little bit counts, and even the smallest acts of kindness goes a long way! At the time I didn't think so. I would always feel like I'm contributing, I'm giving it my best effort, but I always felt like I had to do more, or like I wasn't doing enough, and the people at Clovernook were very understanding and again they kept telling me every little bit goes a long way, and they told me not to worry myself too much about it because they appreciate me for whatever I do for the program whether it's big or small. Thank you everybody for all you do to help us live the life we want!!! YOU ROCK!!!!!! With warmest regards, Michael 

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Michael and all, 
Thank you for  sharing such a heartfelt note to the list. 
Our first responders  have been and continue to be tremendous  assets in the fight against the corona virus.
Our medical professionals, scientists  and more have been so valuable as well, and thanks just don’t seem like enough. 
I am sure we all hear about and many people participate in moments of solidarity to support those front line workers out in our communities and I hope more of us continue to.
After all, we are members of our community and as members of our community  we are equal in sharing in the joys, challenges, rights and responsibilities that come  with membership in that community.

I think about other ways that we can contribute to supporting those frontline workers or our neighbors who  might be struggling or our federation brothers and sisters.
What are the things that our division is doing?
If nothing is in the works how do we put something into motion, who do we talk to in leadership of our division to start to make something happen?
  Michael your words  were  thoughtful, full of reflection and  gratitude. Thank you for  sharing them and thank you for the great text description.

  Darian     ,,      

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  Commemorating our First Responders
  Image shows Michael wearing a face mask to prevent the spread of COVID-19 virus to self or others.
  We would like to have a moment of silence to honor and commemorate all the masked heros fighting on the front lines during this global pandemic. We’d like to reflect on all the great and wonderful things these health professionals are doing to keep us and their families well! We’d like to give a bigggg shoutout to the doctors, nurses, police and firefighters and Emergency Medical Technicians for continuing to staying committed to keeping us safe and helping us out one body at a time, whether it’s during a fire rescuing people from their burning homes or whether it’s transporting someone to the hospital who has corona virus-related symptoms. Even the smallest acts of kindness go a long way and we’ll get through this crisis. Because of our medical staff and our first responders staying committed to best medical practices and doing these wonderful and heroic deeds we will continue to survive and thrive and we can push ourselves through this pandemic with that added hope and peace of mind that we are resilient and if we can get through cold weather, then we can make it through anything. I know it’s hard, I know it’s not butterflies and rainbows even for the bravest of souls, but we’ll get through it one day at a time, one step at a time, one day of service at a time, one journey at a time. WE ROCK!!!!!!
  So first responders, if you’re reading this, I just want to say that there is no words to describe how much you mean to me, and I know and I realize that we can’t do it without your help and without your being there for us in the most challenging of times. And we thank you for your award winning world class service, your kindness, and your generosity and for taking the time out of your busy schedules to be there for us, saving lives, and paving the way for a better
  tomorrow. Thank you, and remember the most important things:
  Stay safe, stay healthy, and see you soon!
  Take care and stay healthy friends!
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