[Community-Service] Opportunity to Serve: Love and Beyond!

Jeanetta price price.jeanetta at gmail.com
Sat Aug 22 23:17:51 UTC 2020

From Ms. Sam: 

Let's get involved! 

Join Me in a Week of 
            LOVING BEYOND!

WHAT: Special Week of Loving Beyond (doing Deeds, Love Acts/ Services in addition to the usual) 
WHEN: Sunday, August 23, 2020 to Saturday, August 29, 2020 (note starting date)
WHERE: any and everywhere 
WHO: deeds for the family, neighbors, co-workers, strangers, any and every one 
...Exemplify God's love (God.       gets Glory), 
...Fulfilling needs,
...A spiritual experience of loving, 
...Fulfilling God's Word, 
...Open a door to share the Word or draw a soul unto Godl! 
How: PRAY for the opportunities, and be spiritually LEAD... 
...Do it by phone, just make a call, Or by computer, tablet, Postal, in- person... Anyway at all. 
...Be creative in getting it done, Help someone see in you Christ the Son!

DAY ONE: Sunday, August 23
Do any or all:
A. Feed the hungry (food/drink )
B. Supply clothes, coats, Hygiene necessities, Etc. 
C. Contribute on bills (pray and pay on bills, give no money) 
(1 John 3:17, 18, Matthew 25:35, Luke 3:11)
DAY TWO Monday, August 24 
Do any or all (in times like this): 
A. Supply masks, gloves, sanitizers 
B. Provide Shelter, a Dwelling Place 
C. Research and give information of places or organizations that can help (I John 3:17,18; Matthew 25:35,36)
DAY THREE Tuesday August 25  
Forgive...tell someone you forgive them for a wrong they did you (Ephesians 4:32)
DAY FOUR Wednesday August 26 
Show love to an enemy-(Luke 6:35)
DAY FIVE Thursday, August 27
Do good for a neighbor (remember that a neighbor may  be beyond your neighborhood, (Luke 10: 29-37)-Romans 3:10
DAY SIX Friday, August 28
Show concern, call or speak to ten people a word that will edify or encourage.-(Ephesians 4:29)
DAY SEVEN Saturday August 28
Help someone understand reconciliation to God.-(2 Corinthians 5:18)

If you will join us, post "Yes Lord" on this page. And if led post your daily love acts (no names of those receiving love) that we may rejoice and glorify God with you.



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