[Community-Service] It's A Sizzling Hot Fundraiser!

Maggie Stringer ravensfan784 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 6 14:05:43 UTC 2022

We were blown away, as usual, by our President’s performance last night!
She rocked the Alabama house!

But we’ve got to tell you, it is not the only state rocking!


Each and every one of our dedicated volunteers are working, working that
kernel clock! They are selling hundreds upon hundreds of bags of PopTastic

Check your inbox and social media pages. There are popcorn stores

Remember! Stores will close on Tuesday, March 8th at 12PM Eastern!

Find a NFB CSD Willing Worker near you, today!

Feel our caramelized determination; we will pass last year’s $10,000! You
Butter Believe It!

**If you do not know of a NFB CSD Willing Worker in your area, or there are
issues with placing an order, please contact

Gloria Nathan-Cherry “The Popcorn Lady”,

Phone: (215)-971-6650

Or Daria Bannerman,

Phone: (910) 231-9115.

*National Federation of the Blind*

*Community Service Division*


“The National Federation of t*he Blind knows that blindness is not the
characteristic that defines you or your future. Every day we raise the
expectations of blind people because low expectations create obstacles
between blind people and our dreams. We are survivors!”*
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