[Community-Service] March 3rd is only a few kernels away!

Maggie Stringer ravensfan784 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 1 18:07:47 UTC 2023

While some may be chowing down sandwhiches on Friday to celebrate National
Cold Cuts day; we know each and every one of you have something else on the

Double Gourmet, Sizzling Greatness in the fashion of


Allow me to give one last push on ideas and reminders for our


1.      Any buttery questions or issues before, during, or after the
fundraiser, please call our hard-working Popcorn Lady, Gloria Nathan-Cherry!

2.      Try to think outside of the cheesy bag. Go beyond just sending a
text, email, or social media post. Spruce it up! For instance, if you love
creating live videos; take a video of you, a friend, or even a family
member eating some plain and boring popcorn. With caramelized enthusiasm,
then tell them how amazing it would be if you could have bags of Double
Good Gourmet greatness!

3.      Know your kernelled audience. If they love to stream movies, follow
a favorite sport, or love to entertain, have a delicious pitch to match
their interests.

4.      Know a few anti-popped snackers? Offer the idea of putting together
a PopTastic gift basket for a loved one, co-worker, or neighbor. Recommend
the collections as future door prizes for upcoming NFB events. Or, there is
always the option to have Double Good Gourmet donate their wonderfulness to
local First Responders!

5.      Be The Little Kettle That Could. It is okay to ask for help. Ask
your faithful supporters if they would mind sharing the news of the most
finger-licking awesomeness fundraiser in town.

6.      Study up on all the supreme flavors. When people see that you know
your stuff, they know you mean In Queso business!

7.      And lastly, share your sweet, never salty, story! Why is selling
this popcorn important to you?

That is it, folks!

We wish EVERYONE the best!

We believe in each of you!

And we want all of you to have so much Easy Peasy Caramel Cheesy fun!!!!



(PS. Any and all popcorn fundraising blurbs created by Maggie Stringer may
be used for your own personal use)

Maggie Stringer
Phone: (443) 750-0070
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