[Community-Service] It's Wednesday, And You Know What That Means?

Maggie Stringer ravensfan784 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 22 20:00:00 UTC 2023

We are not done paying tribute to International Women’s Day and Women’s
History month! Are you ready for the next Women Crushing It Wednesday?

For March 22nd, we would like to spotlight Lynette Eberhardt also known as
Lyn with one N from Augusta, Georgia by way of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Lyn will tell you that she truly started to branch out on her own as a
voluntary soldier around age23.  While she was flossing one morning, she
became aware of family members who were seriously struggling in their daily
lives. It broke her heart to learn that their situations were so bad that
they were having to reach out for outside help. It was then, Lyn began to
spread her wings and blossom as a serving soul.

Her magnetic charm has allowed her to become a community liaison. She has
been empowering countless individuals by connecting those in need with
other instrumental influences, and those that can provide valuable
resources. She has also been known to assist with packing bags with water,
masks, sanitizer, toiletries, and a pocket Bible for local street missions.

Miss Lyn has served in many capacities such as the co-chair of the Looking
Forward Peer Support Group. They provide a safe space, as well as, support,
information, and share ideas with fellow individuals in the blind
community.  They have also donated snacks and water to families staying at
their local Ronald McDonald House.

Her talents range from helping disabled individuals with sending petitions,
to offering to be a source of comfort and encouragement. She does not
consider herself to be a prayer warrior, but believes in the power of
prayer and offers herself in spirit and truth. If you were to take a letter
or two from this remarkable woman’s last name, you’d know she serves with
‘every’ part of her ‘heart’!

Thank you for, Crushing it, Lyn with 1 N!



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