[Community-Service] Women History Month Ain’t Over! Owana Mitchell is a true Southern Bell 🛎️

Jeanetta price price.jeanetta at gmail.com
Fri Mar 31 17:04:36 UTC 2023

Last but never least, a mother of a King, my sister by love, daughter of Rev. Mitchell? Yep! Owana is a Preacher Kid (PK)! And the church said, “Amen!” Owana is better known as O around the federation. O is the product of Texas and Lousianna which means she is spicy but O so sweet. O is a helping hand on demand, our Aira on site, and humble servant who has served in the division since 2017. 

Where is O? Many times O works behind the scene, but today we place her in the spotlight so everyone can see around the world how instrumental she is to CSD and beyond! 

Foremost, I would like to personally say thanks to O for supporting my journey of leadership as president of CSD since elected in 2018. O always showed up with love, hope, and determination to get the job done. In the words of O,”I got you.” 

Please allow me to brag on O.  CSD Service roll call please! 
✅ National Convention serve as service project assistant every year since 2017.  Talk about dedicated to the movement! I can’t imagine serving without you O! 
✅ Door Prize this way! Throughout the year, O collects door prizes and donate to the division to giveaway at our national seminar. In the words of Tiffany Haddish, “This is niceeeee!!!” 
✅ Assist elders to and from during convention. You so sweet O! 
✅ Warning and I would like all of you that witness O service at NFB 2022 national convention  to testify with your whole chest! 
1.  O packed and organized all items shipped to my house for the homeless youth.  Wow! O truck was loaded like bake potatoes🥔 😂
2.  O drove all the blind cooks to Walmart so that we could buy items needed to prepare lunch for the homeless youth.  
3. O helped assist individuals to and from as needed at all conventions she attended.  

Now, O truly give us all a reason to celebrate her on today. O serve with no intentions to receive accolades,  but it feel so good to give someone their flowers while they can see, feel, and touch them. O, here’s your flowers 💐  🌹 🌺 from CSD! We love you 🥰 & appreciate all that you do for the division and beyond. 

All I can say is that every division needs an O, but y’all can’t have CSD O! 🤷🏽‍♀️

Happy Women History Month! 
Keep the party jumping! It ain’t over! 🎊🎉🍿🍿🎤
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