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Kathryn Webster kathrynwebster.nfb at gmail.com
Wed Nov 11 11:13:42 UTC 2015

Good morning fellow Connecticutians!  


As some of you may know, we have been working diligently to urge the
individuals who are directly involved with the drafting of the Marrakesh
Treaty ratification package (learn more about the treaty here:
https://nfb.org/marrakeshfactsheet ) to wrap up their work promptly, so the
package can be transmitted to the Senate as soon as possible. Since March we
have been hearing that this was "imminent," and yet, the package has still
not been sent over to the Senate.


In order to encourage the drafting process along, we are  reminding our
partners that it is time to #FeedTheBookFamine. On Thursday November 12,
2015, we are urging all of our members to tweet the following individuals to
remind them that people with disabilities want to read, and that the
Marrakesh Treaty will expand our access to books. There is a real
opportunity here to #FeedTheBookFamine!


Valerie Jarrett

Senior Advisor and Assistant to the President for Intergovernmental Affairs
and Public Engagement



Maria Town

Assistant Director, Office of Public Engagement



Cathy Novelli

Under Secretary for Economic Growth, Energy, and the Environment



Judith Heumann

Special Advisor for International Disability Rights



As Federationists, I urge you to be active on Twitter Thursday. Remind our
partners that Americans with disabilities will strongly benefit from this
treaty. Below, please find some sample tweets, but also feel free to create
your own. Additionally, attached to this message is a Twitter 101 document
which gives an overview of this social media platform, as well as other tips
and tricks to ensure this is a successful campaign. This document was
created by our very own Danielle Trevino, Coordinator for Social Media and
Member Engagement. 


As you craft your tweets be firm but polite, and please remember to use the
hash tag #FeedTheBookFamine.


If you have any questions prior to, or on Thursday, please do not hesitate
to reach out to Justin Salisbury, our CT legislative Director.


Let's go #FeedTheBookFamine so we can live the lives we want!


300 million #pwd, 300 million reasons to #FeedTheBookFamine.


Same Book, same time. #FeedTheBookFamine #MarrakeshTreaty @IntDisability


There are 300 million hungry minds in the world. @IntDisability, you can
help #FeedTheBookFamine.


Thanks for your help!

Kate Webster


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