[Ctabs] Fillable Application for an Absentee Ballot (Including for an Accessible Absentee Ballot) - For Windows Only

Nathanael T. Wales ntwales at omsoft.com
Wed Oct 7 00:26:11 UTC 2020

Fellow NFB of Connecticut Members and Friends,


As you may well know, the National Federation of the Blind of Connecticut
with outstanding support from our national leaders is working to make
absentee voting fully nonvisually accessible.  We still have a ways to go,
but here is some progress.


The Secretary of the State has agreed to e-mail to any print disabled voter
an accessible PDF absentee ballot.  The technical design is not there yet
and is a work actively in progress.  And so is a fully accessible
application for such a ballot.  But the Secretary of the State has gotten it
to the point that if you have a Windows PC you can fill out their form
accessibly.  I did it using JAWS.  Please use the attached form.
Unfortunately, this form does not work with Voiceover on an IPhone or IPad,
and we are advocating with the state on this specific issue still.  I was
able to submit this to my town clerk, and she accepted it.


If you submit this form by typing your name and the date in the signature
and date blocks and choose to e-mail the file, please ensure that your town
clerk accepts it in writing and agrees to send you an accessible absentee
ballot by e-mail.  If you don't get a confirmation in a couple of days, also
print and send this application by regular mail or call your town clerk to
arrange its delivery.  The deadline to apply for an absentee ballot is fast
approaching, so we want to get this to anyone who can use it to expedite
things for some of us.


We continue to work on making voting by absentee ballot fully accessible to
all blind people in Connecticut.  Many thanks to so many of you, and I hope
this may be a first if only partial fruit of our hard work.



Nathanael Wales


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