[Diabetes-talk] Subject: Re: Update on Pumps?

Bridgit Pollpeter bpollpeter at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 16 23:22:12 UTC 2013

Veronica can better answer this than me, but as I'm in the process of
switching to an Animas, I think this pump is good for blind users. The
menus aren't terribly complicated, there's an audio feature you can turn
for some functions and the operation itself is really nice. And for
those with useable vision, it has a larger screen and you can change the
contrast of the screen.

I haven't played much with other pumps, but the Medtronic Mini and
Accucheck Spirit aren't bad either.


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Hello Again,

Since I took the plunge, finally after so many 
years, and am seriously considering getting a 
pump, now that the reps came out from Medtronic, 
what other pumps would you recommend for a blind 
diabetic these days?


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