[Diabetes-talk] Solo meter??

Blindhands at aol.com Blindhands at aol.com
Sat Aug 31 17:00:13 UTC 2013

Are folks having troubles similar to the Prodigy meter  with the  Solo 
meter??  I have had these problems and if I feel things are not where  I think 
they should be I test over with blood from a different finger and/or  hand.  
I did not think of calling Prodigy.
If you get the strips from where ever you get them, should you contact  
Prodigy or the place you bought the strips from?
Usually, I am not saying this has happen with Prodigy, but they send you  
back to where you purchased it.  As in this letter, they replaced the  meter, 
but they did not replace the strips.  So they have you running back  and 
forth and all you want is to know what your test results are  correctly.
Joyce  Kane
_www.KraftersKorner.org_ (http://www.krafterskorner.org/) 
Blindhands at AOL.com 

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