[Diabetes-talk] Solo meter??

Mike Freeman k7uij at panix.com
Sat Aug 31 18:09:18 UTC 2013

I doubt it.

On Aug 31, 2013, at 11:06, Blindhands at aol.com wrote:

> Can you still  get the Solo meter?  It sounds to me that the  newer meter 
> has more challenges and if that is the only one available, it is not  worth 
> consideration on switching to that.
> Joyce  Kane
> _www.KraftersKorner.org_ (http://www.krafterskorner.org/) 
> Blindhands at AOL.com   
> In a message dated 8/31/2013 1:42:00 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,  
> etscrivani at verizon.net writes:
> Cheryl:
> I've had a lot of problems with the new Solus meter  that I was upgraded to 
> back in March.  I've been using talking meters  many many years as a blind 
> diabetic. In this case, brought the Solus V2  meter into my diabetes 
> educator 
> to make sure I was applying the sample  correctly.  I was.
> Many times I test on this meter and get crazy  numbers that would indicate 
> I'm ready to pass out and I'm not symptomatic  at those readings.  Or I get 
> test after test or "TO LOW" or "No  sufficient blood."  I'm not happy with 
> the Solus, but Loved, loved  the Solo.
> I've been told by other diabetics not to retest that the  one resultthat 
> comes back should satisfy me, but I question the numbers  I'm getting from 
> the Solus and intelligence tells me to re-check.   After all its my health 
> and my life that is at risk when I'm basing  insulin dosages on these 
> numbers.
> IMO only, something happened to  the manufacturing process in the change of 
> either meter or strips from the  Solo to the Solus and not many of us have 
> a 
> personal one on one  relationship with the owner of Advanced Diabetic 
> Solutions.  For that  matter now ADS is done and gone out of the picture 
> and 
> were left with no  contact to help trouble shoot problems that come up. 

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