[Diabetes-talk] Why won't insurance pay for more then 100 strips per month?

Blindhands at aol.com Blindhands at aol.com
Sat Aug 31 20:11:42 UTC 2013

I am new to Medicare and AARP supplementary  insurance so I don't have  all 
my ducks in a row on what is what, but I was told by my pharmacy that I can 
 only get 100 test strips per month that will be covered.  I called up to  
ask Medicare why and that I have my doctor's perscription saying I test 4 to 
6  times a day.  They told me I have to order thru mail order to get more 
then  100 strips covered.  Since I am new to all of this just this month, I 
am  stumbling around and trying to learn what I need to do.
I do have Prodigy Voice and I now have information for a mail order, but I  
am concern now with what has been put up on this list.
I just had before I went on Medicare a real hassle getting a new Prodigy  
Voice meter from my old insurance company.  The final thing on that one was  
I had to pay out of pocket $148 for just the meter.  That is what the  
provider charged my insurance company and my insurance company had a $200  
deductible for durable medical devices.  I was very much upset since I  could have 
bought this machine forjust under $50 online.  
insurance humbug!
Joyce  Kane
_www.KraftersKorner.org_ (http://www.krafterskorner.org/) 
Blindhands at AOL.com 

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