[Electronics-Talk] Lively phone

Gerald Levy bwaylimited at verizon.net
Tue Jul 20 16:12:05 UTC 2021

Actually,  I am considering this phone for myself and would also like 
feedback from anyone who has one.  The Lively Flip is the successor to 
the Jitterbug.  It is sold at Best Buy stores but can also be ordered by 
phone directly from Lively Mobile, formerly Great Call.  My blind 
girlfriend has a Lively Flip because she wanted a phone with a large, 
tactile keypad that was easy to use,and was not interested in any phone 
with a touchscreen.  It costs $100 with calling plans starting at $15 a 
month.  She told me that if you order the Lively Flip by phone directly  
from Lively Mobile, they will activate it for  you so that it will be 
ready to use right out of the box whenyou receive it.  The Lively Flip 
is also supposed to be a good choice for someone who is hearing impaired 
like me because it is hearing aid compatible and has louder volume 
output than most other cell phones.


On 7/20/2021 11:49 AM, Tracy Carcione via Electronics-Talk wrote:
> A friend of mine is looking for a phone for her relatives who are seniors
> and have recently lost most of their vision.
> She was asking me about something called the Lively flip phone, which is
> related to the Jitterbug.  Anyone know anything about it?
> I told her most blind people I know use an iPhone, but I know that's not for
> everyone.  I'd like to give her some options.
> Thanks for any advice.
> Tracy
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