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Amanda Lee amandainparadise777 at gmail.com
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Consumer Cellular which one can obtain through a Target store or by calling
them direct or going to their website at:

They have two models of flip style smart phones with large displays and
large buttons and they offer speakerphone.  The version I ordered for my mom
has a programmable button on the back which one can program the phone number
of a family member, friend or other for quick access.

It does have other accessibility as well.

The phone wasn't very expensive ... under $60 I remember but I was able to
get a refurbished one for even less.

The cost of service with unlimited talk and text and some data is less than
$25 per month as well as they give a 5 percent discount to AARP members and
there is no contract requirement.  Consumer Cellular is also based in Oregon
and is not outsourced overseas.  Their Customer service is excellent for
such an inexpensive provider.

You also do not need to buy special cards to increase data if you need it as
one can just change their plan.


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A friend of mine is looking for a phone for her relatives who are seniors
and have recently lost most of their vision.

She was asking me about something called the Lively flip phone, which is
related to the Jitterbug.  Anyone know anything about it?

I told her most blind people I know use an iPhone, but I know that's not for
everyone.  I'd like to give her some options.

Thanks for any advice.



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