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I can perform this Braille writing if somebody else hasn't 
already volunteered.

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>Dear fellow Federationists:

>I am writing to you to give you news about one of our members, as 
well as an opportunity to help him.  Most of you will know our 
fellow chapter member Ron Metenyi, who has been involved in the 
NFBMD for decades.  I have not seen Ron at a chapter meeting in a 
very long time, which is unusual as he was heretofore a very 
regular attendee, and I called him to express my, and the 
chapter's, concern for him and to see if we could be of help to 
him.  He indicated that he has not been feeling well for quite 
some time, and when I spoke with Sharon Maneki about his 
situation she informed me that he has had some hard times lately.  
We thought he might appreciate thoughtful contact from his 
friends in the Baltimore Chapter.  What I am suggesting is that, 
at the chapter's Repast after the meeting, we provide a Perkins 
Brailler so that members can write notes to Ron and give him our 
best wishes.  These messages would then be sent to Ron in a 
package along with a nice card.  I would like to have somebody 
available to write messages on the Perkins for those who don't 
know Braille.  If you feel that you will not be able to attend 
the upcoming chapter meeting but you would like to send a message 
to Ron, please reply to me personally with the text of your 

>Thank you,

>Renee West
>westfrye at verizon.net

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