[Greater-baltimore] For your safety

Danielsen, Chris CDanielsen at nfb.org
Wed Dec 2 22:28:29 UTC 2009

Earlier today I sent out information about a White House tour which the
Federation has been offered. In order to be included on the tour,
certain personal information must be submitted to the White House. Some
members of this list have inadvertently sent this information to the
entire list. If you received this e-mail and want to be included on the
tour, please respond by opening a new message and typing my e-mail
address, cdanielsen at nfb.org, into the "to" field. (Those of you who use
keyboards exclusively can do this by pressing Control-N; if not I think
you click New Message.) Or, hit the "Forward" button (Control-F) instead
of the Reply button. This will give you a message with a blank "to"
field, in which you can enter cdanielsen at nfb.org. Under no circumstances
should you use the Control-R command or click Reply. You can also call
me at 410-659-9314, extension 2330. Thank you.
Christopher S. Danielsen 
Director of Public Relations 
200 East Wells Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21230
Phone: 410-659-9314, ext. 2330
Fax: 410-685-5653
Cell phone: 410-262-1281
Email: cdanielsen at nfb.org
www.nfb.org <http://www.nfb.org/> 
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